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  1. British lawmakers hit by 'sustained' cyber attack

    Britain Parliament Cyberattack

    Britain's Parliament was hit by a "sustained and determined" cyber attack on Saturday designed to identify weak email passwords, just over a month after a ransomware worm crippled parts of the country's health service.

  2. U.K. finds 34 high-rise apartment buildings with unsafe siding


    Britain's fire-safety crisis expanded substantially Saturday as authorities said 34 high-rise apartment blocks across the country had cladding that failed fire safety tests.

  3. Arab states don't seek 'regime change' in Qatar, says UAE official

    UAE Qatar

    A top United Arab Emirates official said Saturday the Arab countries isolating Qatar do not seek to force out the country's leadership over allegations it supports extremist ideology but are willing to cut ties altogether if it does not agree to their demands.

  4. Schwarzenegger, Macron riff on Trump's campaign slogan in selfie video


    Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and recently elected French president Emmanuel Macron are showing their commitment to fighting climate change — and their condemnation of U.S. President Donald Trump —in a not-so-subtle selfie video.

  5. Suicide bomber blows himself up as Saudis foil Mecca plot


    Security forces in Saudi Arabia say they've disrupted a plot to attack the Grand Mosque in the Muslim holy city of Mecca.